In the fall of 2011, me and my friends, were looking forward to our first trip to India in November. We asked Mr.Singh of Intersky Travel to arrange it for us. Our trip was wonderful from beginning to end, everything was perfect, especially our national guide who stayed with us almost the entire trip. He spoke French and catered to our every need and more. Thank you Mani for a fantastic experience, we would recommend your agency to anyone who wants to visit your beautiful country.

Claire Valiquette
Laval, Québec

Je suis d'accord avec tout ce que Claire a écrit et je ne crois pas que c'est nécessaire que je traduise ses propos. Pour les Saint-Denis, qui voyagent beaucoup dans des excellentes conditions, c'est un des plus beaux voyages qu'ils ont faits. Ils en parlent avec beaucoup d'éloges tant au niveau du pays que de l ’organisation du voyage. Ils ont apprécié le circuit, les hôtels et bien sûr notre guide Rahul ainsi que les guides locaux.

Merci encore !

Danièle Chaumont

Quel voyage merveilleux !

Un parcours fait sur mesure pour nous dans un pays coloré et peuplé de gens extraordinaires.

Beauté, dépaysement, émotions et fous rires étaient au rendez-vous.

Vraiment inoubliable! Et tout cela grâce à votre équipe. On a hâte de recommencer!

France Paquette & Nadine Landry

It was mind blowing, Great Trip.

Denis & Kathleen Lemay
Brossard, Québec

Dear M. Maninder.

Just a quick word to inform you we are presently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, having completed our 42 days journey in India.

We have been blessed with 42 days of sunshine, though some nights proved to be quite chilly while in Rajastan. But not one single drop of rain. Everything turned out fine. Drivers were very professionnal, most hotels were perfectly acceptable ( some more than others ) and relations with Travel Pundit personnel, particularly Isha Taneja of Delhi office were most cordial.

I am planning to forward to you an overall report of my trip when we return to Canada.

Thank you again for preparing this trip to definitely "Incredible India"

Pierre et Diane Daunais
Saint-Hippolyte, QC

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