Modern India was never ever cut off from its history. A journey in this mysterious and magical country constitutes even today, an authentic adventure full of emotions, a source of unforgettable souvenirs that rest engraved in your memory forever. Discover with us a world of contrasts, animated markets, fascinating scenes of daily life, fairytale palaces and temples where history of Hinduism and Buddhism is carved forever in the stone, the diversity of the people where everyone wants to accomplish the rituals of their religions. Intersky travel invites you to discover this mosaic of richness and to share along with this fabulous cultural heritage.

Your passport should be valid 6 months beyond your date of departure from the country. A visa, should be obtained in your country of residence and is necessary for stay in India. The visa is now available online. Some countries allow visa on arrival. Please contact ITP for details. Attention: The visa may be refused even if a single element is missing and the visa fee is non-refundable.

Keeping in mind the huge size of India, the climate varies enormously from one region to the other. mostly from one region to another. Generally, it is tropical climate, more or less dry in the north and humid in the south. Winter extends from November to April – the driest portion of the year. The monsoon in the north varies between June to August. In the south it is often in November or December.

18 official languages and more than 200 dialects. English is spoken and understood almost everywhere.

As most of the festivals are decided by the lunar calendar, the dates of the festivals varies from year to year. Certain days are fixed, like the Republic Day on the 26th January, the Independence Day on the 15th August, the Gandhi Jayanti on the 2nd October and Christmas on the 25th December.

Please ensure to have all your travel related documents such as valid passport, necessary Visa, Citizenship, Identity cards, inoculation certificates, birth certificates, and other documents that a state or a country may require. Entry into any country or state is subject to the discretion of immigration officers at the ports of entry. carrying a valid visa does not always guarantee entry into that country or state. The Travel to the Canadian or United States borders is now subject to stricter checks and regulations. Persons holding Unites States green cards or Canadian landing papers may not always cross these borders. There are severe penalties for people trying to enter into these countries illegally.

For further information, please visit the Indian Visa website

If coming from Europe, no vaccination is necessary. If coming from Africa, Latin America and Papua New Guinea, passengers must present a certificate of vaccination against the yellow fever.

Zone 2 (zone 3 in the state of Assam) – anti-malarial treatment is recommended. We recommend usual vaccinations of your respective countries (DPT, Typhoid, Rabies, Hepatitis A/B/C…). Only drink bottled water and avoid raw vegetables and fruits (Meningitis A/C (north India) and Japanese Encephalitis B.)

The local currency is the rupee. Import and export of the Indian currency is forbidden. Please retain your exchange documents/receipts in case, on departure you need to reconvert the Indian currency to acceptable foreign currency. The credit cards are common and acceptable in majority of the hotels, restaurants and shops. Euros or Dollars are easier to change in hotels and/or banks. cards are common and acceptable in majority of the hotels, restaurants and shops. Euros or Dollars are easier to change in hotels and/or banks.

We are 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the Universal Time (GMT) and do not have daylight saving. Please keep in mind of this fact when calling your loved ones back home.

The network covers major parts of the country and if roaming is permitted by your service provider, they function pretty well. 3G is available in some parts and 4G/LTE is being installed.

The classification of the hotels is perhaps not according to the established norms. With care and with their respective criteria, we have an established list of hotels from 3 different categories

In some places, there are however nothing of the luxury category which may be available and thus we have included the best available. In the north, especially in the Rajasthan, ancient palaces have been converted to hotels and in others we have the chains like the Oberoi, Sheraton, Kempinski, Hilton, etc. providing for cherished memories of your stay.

It is not without reason that the Indian cuisine, rich and varied as the country itself, is renowned over the continents. In India, the food and drinks offer something for every one.

At each stage of your Dayney, a local guide awaits you and with his competence and profound knowledge, he/she will help you discover this magnificent country with pride, to love it and to return to it. Our guides are multilingual (except for some regions, particularly in the South of the country). Most of the tours in car in the countryside, we provide accompanying driver speaking English. Knowledge of English is of certain advantage.

Bargaining is the norm. the handicrafts in India are of a very rich and diversified nature. You will find it everywhere, in the streets, the boutiques with fixed prices and in lorge emporia (government establishments). Silver jewelry, copper and brass objects, silks, carpets and rugs, musical instruments, antiques, Kashmir..the list is endless.

The tips in general are almost imposed. in the restaurants, you may like to leave around 10% of the bill. In hotels of category, on leaves a gratuity on departure. At the end of the tour it is normal to provide for the guide and the driver, as per your satisfaction.

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